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Velvet Leads has a wide variety of different programs you can get into, which gives you a lot of choices when you are getting started trading. You can trade anywhere you are sitting down that you have an internet connection. It’s great to take control of your own retirement funds

-Neal F. , Taft, TX*

When I found your system I thought this was really it. You can’t really predict per sé, but you have an idea of which direction the market is going and I just want to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate you.

-William R. , Portland, OR*

Great training, great discipline, shows you really how to be a disciplined trader…I’ve gained confidence, discipline, and knowledge.

-Lee S. , Georgetown, TX*

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3. Follow Our Experts

Hi, this is Matt Moksecki. All my life I’ve been interested in trading the markets. I began trading at a very young age. As a consequence, along the way I’ve made every mistake that you can possibly make as a trader. I’ve learned a great deal.

In 2001, when I retired from my day job, my son Greg asked me to start Velvet Leads to help regular folks benefit from all of my knowledge gained in those years of trading. We wanted to help people by dramatically shortening their learning curve, avoiding all the mistakes that I made. Ever since, we’ve helped over 100,000 people in over 150 different countries become better, smarter traders. See what our members saying on our Velvet Leads reviews page.

Why Choose Us


No pie-in-the-sky promises.

A relentless obsession with proper risk management.

That’s what makes Velvet Leads different.

We have programs and services that cover a wide range of investing and trading approaches. Options trading is one of our specialties.

Neither of my courses are ‘get rich quick’ schemes, but both produce positive results. But what I appreciate most about Matt’s courses is the constant support to ensure that all course materials are fully understood & properly applied. All of my emails have been promptly & thoroughly answered.

-Robert C. , Auburndale , FL*

I am extremely pleased with the results. Following your trading methods I have gotten back what I paid for the course 4 times over within the first 4 weeks. You make the course so easy to understand with the trading examples along with the manual for quick reference.

-Darwin M. , Roseville, CA*

Thanks for all your help and patience. The new trading tools you have taught me will surely make my goal of trading for a living a reality.

-Carl, Ogden, UT*



We believe that allocating a majority of your portfolio to a traditional buy & hold investing strategy is too risky because it exposes your portfolio to huge market crashes that are difficult to recover from.

Instead, we designed our programs and strategies to trade in and out of the shorter term trends that present themselves in the markets.

We believe in pursuing slow and steady potential portfolio growth using strict risk management rules (the most money we recommend risking on any given trade is 2% to 5% of your total account size).

Finally, we take great pride in our research and in helping people achieve trading success.